9 Everyday Habits That Destroy Your Spine

Our mobile phones

A recent study showed that reading a simple text message can add up to 45 lb of pressure on the spinal cord. Just think about it: 45 lb just because you’re texting!

Using mobile phones every day leads to a loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine and a heavier load on this part of the back, especially in teenagers.

Scientists calculated that people use mobile phones 2-4 hours a day on average which means that our necks are bent for 700 to 1,400 hours a year.

This means that pretty soon, surgeons will have many more patients — especially teenagers — because the constant incorrect posture can lead to serious and chronic spinal curvature. So, at some point, you will realize that you can’t stand straight — and this is all because of your cell phone!

Of course, we can’t stop using the technology that makes our lives so much easier. But we can at least be mindful of how we position our bodies. The least you can do is control your posture when using the phone. Your back will thank you.

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