9 Everyday Habits That Destroy Your Spine

Working while standing

We’ve all heard that sitting too much is harmful. But the necessity to stand all the time can be just as harmful to your health. Just the way you stand can have a huge impact on the condition of your neck, spine, and shoulders. The wrong posture can have terrible consequences when it comes to your spinal cord, causing chronic pain and serious curvatures.

Our muscles and joints need flexibility in order to stay healthy, and bad posture is one of the first signs that you are doing something wrong. Most of the time, if your head or shoulders are in the wrong position, it means that you aren’t controlling the upper part of your body well enough. This leads to curvatures and makes your body have to compensate for the bad posture during movement. This leads to even bigger stress on the body.

In order to avoid having bad posture, we need to stand, sit and lie in ways that have the least strain on our muscles and ligaments, and that hold the spinal cord — especially while moving and doing sports.

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